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    Are the posters real?

      Yes, all of the posters we sell at eastredgallery are 100% guaranteed to be authentic vintage posters, printed on the date specified in the item description. We don't sell modern reprints or reproductions on artificially aged paper. Our suppliers have decades of experience in the field of Chinese propaganda posters and have contributed to major poster collections in China and the West. You are welcome to arrange an appointment to view any of our posters before purchase. We also offer a full 14-day money back guarantee if you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason.

          Do you ship overseas?
              Yes, eastredgallery can ship to most countries worldwide. We generally use a Royal Mail tracked and signed service (where available), insured for up to £250, but can provide higher levels of insurance if required at added cost.
                How can I get in touch with you?
                  If you have any questions we can be reached on
                  Alternatively Monday to Friday 3-6pm GMT on +44 (0)7982 013 794
                    How do you package the posters for delivery?

                      As the posters we sell are valuable and unique, we take great care when packaging items for delivery. We ship all posters inside sturdy postal mailing tubes. The poster will be safely rolled in a clear plastic sleeve, then wrapped again with Kraft paper. End caps are securely fixed with tape to ensure there is no chance of the item becoming loose in transit.

                        How can I pay for my order?

                          We accept Visa, Visa Debit, Paypal, Mastercard, American Express, and Apple Pay on the website. All payments are 100% secure.

                            The item condition mentions that the poster may suit backing. What does this mean?

                              Some of the posters we sell at eastredgallery were printed on very delicate paper. This is sometimes the case for posters produced during the Great Leap Forward period (1958-1961), as there was a shortage of materials in China. Conservation backing onto linen or Japanese paper helps to stabilise the artwork and help prevent further deterioration of the paper. Linen and Japanese backing are reversible, conservation methods, carried out by a professional and will generally increase the value of your poster. Backing will also greatly improve the appearance of any tears to the paper.

                              Of course, it is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to have your poster backed. We don't carry out the work ourselves and only note the consideration for backing on certain items in the interest of providing a complete condition assessment.

                              Other methods of mounting a poster, such as wet or dry mounting, will destroy the artwork's value, so please only use the conservation methods mentioned above.

                              How is the pricing worked out?

                              The price of a poster is determined by age, rarity, aesthetic appeal, content and condition. Our prices generally reflect the prices on the Chinese market. Newer, or easier to find posters tend to be cheaper in comparison to older, or rarer posters and are priced accordingly.

                              How should I store my poster?

                              If not having your poster framed for display it is recommended to store your poster flat whenever possible. Archival polyester sleeves (brand names Mylar and Melinex) are available from conservation suppliers for these purposes. These do not contain any plasticisers, which can lead to the acid damage of paper. If you do not have the room, then posters can be loosely rolled in a tube.

                              How should I frame my poster?

                              When having your poster framed you should specify that conservation grade materials be applied throughout. Reversible methods should always be used, meaning that you would be able to completely remove the poster from its frame and mount at a later date with no damage to the artwork. UV resistant glazing is also a very important consideration, as sunlight can cause damage to a vintage poster very quickly. A valuable artwork should also never be framed against the glazing - always in a window mount or using spacers to provide an air gap. This prevents any moisture which may form on the inside of the glazing from damaging the poster. Do not agree to have your poster mounted using any other techniques than mentioned in the conservation section of the website, as they will destroy the artwork's value.