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About eastredgallery

I first developed an interest in communist propaganda posters in the mid-1990s. Like many I was no doubt initially attracted by the bold, graphic designs and then intrigued by the novelty of public art that favoured political message over individual expression. During the period I spent studying in Beijing in the early 2000s my interest in Chinese propaganda imagery grew, and I began to look for posters and ephemera in the local flea markets. At the time my budget only stretched to the woodblock-style reproductions of Cultural Revolution posters best known in the West, but the strident imagery and slogans had me hooked.

Later I started to try and source the genuine items, with mixed results. On return visits to China I would buy from Chinese auction websites, and as often be disappointed as excited when the resulting goods arrived in the mail. Once I had manged to search out some reputable poster dealers in China and build up relationships over several years, the only question was how much I could afford to spend each time I visited. I also started to see and collect the fascinating posters that we don’t often see reproduced in the West – documenting the early period of the People’s Republic in the 1950s and the reform and modernisation of the 1980s.

From my own collection experience, it’s fairly difficult to access the best selection of Chinese communist propaganda posters if you live outside of China or Hong Kong. My aim with eastredgallery is to offer the most extensive selection of authentic Chinese propaganda posters available from stock – we have posters dating from the 1920s to the 1990s, and regularly add more stock. There is a natural distrust of vintage items from China and you are welcome to physically view any item before purchase. If that's not possible then we have a 14-day money back guarantee - so be assured that you can buy with confidence. I hope that anyone with an interest in China, propaganda imagery, vintage posters, or simply historical items will find something here that intrigues them. If you would like more information about any of the posters please contact me on