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Poster condition


All the posters we sell at eastredgallery are genuine items, and most will show some signs of wear according to their age and how they have been stored or handled. Many people feel that this contributes to their authentic, vintage appearance. Chinese posters were often printed on low-quality paper stock, particularly during times of national shortages, meaning that pristine examples of older posters are quite rare.  

We will always clearly describe the poster's date of printing and condition in the item description, drawing attention to any imperfections and damage, and if backing or any restoration work is recommended. We will also happily supply you with high-resolution images to allow you to inspect more closely the poster's condition, and can arrange a physical viewing on request.

Our grading system is intended to be as clear as possible, and simple enough for those with no prior knowledge of poster collecting:

Excellent - excellent condition for age with no significant wear or creasing. Borders may exhibit slight imperfections, creasing or pinholes.

Very good - showing some average signs of wear for age. Possible small amount of paper loss around edges, folds, creases, pinholes.

Good - still presentable for display, may require backing and/or light restoration work. Possible larger paper losses and tears.

Fair - we do occasionally come across posters that would benefit from a reasonable amount of restoration work, but that some collectors would still consider for purchase due to their rarity. This will be always be stated clearly in the item description.

Some of the older posters are printed on very delicate paper, and may benefit from being backed onto linen or Japanese paper - conservation methods that stabilise the poster and help to significantly lengthen their lifespan. See conservation for more information. We will note this in the item description and can arrange for the work to be carried out for you if required. Any restoration work to repair creases and tears can be carried out at the same time.

We use professional colour calibration equipment when preparing our images for display in the online gallery, to represent as faithfully as possible the actual colours and condition of the poster - so you can be confident that what you're seeing is what you get.