image of 1976 Chinese propaganda poster The new things in socialism are good!

The new things in socialism are good!

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Artist: Kunming City Propaganda Station Pictorial Group

Year: ca.1976

Publisher: unknown

Size (mm): 535x770

Condition: very good, folded as issued, pin holes

The 'May 7 Directive' referred to a letter Mao Zedong wrote to Lin Biao in May 1966, where he proposed a comprehensive plan for turning China into 'a great school of Mao Zedong Thought'. His idealised model imagined a self-sufficient society with class struggle as a core tenet, weakening the power of the bourgeoisie and strengthening the proletariat. The 'new things in socialism' would, according to Mao, be born from these class struggles and contradictions.

There was also a revolutionary song of the same title: