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image of the original vintage 1962 Chinese communist propaganda poster by Zhao Jingdong titled Everyone come and sing about Children's Day published by Hebei People's Fine Art Publishing House

Everyone come and sing about Children's Day

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Artist: Zhao Jingdong

Year: 1962

Publisher: Hebei People's Fine Art Publishing House

Size (mm): 535x765

Condition: Very good, creasing to margin, 2.5cm tear in centre - not visible

Liuyi Guoji Ertongjie (June 1 International Children's Day) is the day on which China celebrates International Children's Day, which is recognised on different days around the world. After the founding of the People's Republic in 1949 a half-day holiday was granted to all primary schools, increased in 1956 to a full day. Fun activities and events are often arranged. 

Children's Day posters often emphasised the international aspect of the celebration; in this poster we could assume that the intention is to depict children of Chinese, European and African origin playing their instruments together.

Interestingly, the pinyin (system of romanisation of the Chinese language developed in the 1950s) is incorrect for the third character of the slogan.