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We love peace

We love peace

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Artist: Que Wen (photographer)

Year: 1956

Publisher: People's Fine Art Publishing House

Size (mm): 380x530

Condition: excellent, pinholes

This photograph of two little children (Ma Yue, five, boy holding dove and Meng Yun, four) was taken by People's Daily art editor Que Wen in Beihai Park, Beijing, during the 'War to resist US aggression and aid Korea', and in the spirit of Zhou Enlai's statement that 'We love peace, but we are not afraid of war'.  First published in the People's Daily on 1 June 1952, the image was printed in the millions and reportedly sent to Chinese volunteers in North Korea to symbolise the purpose behind their struggles. A recent exhibition at the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution in Beijing featured an exhibition commemorating the 70th anniversary of the War to resist US aggression and aid Korea, with Meng Yun present to speak about the famous photograph.