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image of 1961 Chinese poster Resolutely support Cuba in opposing American aggression

Resolutely support Cuba in opposing American aggression

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Artist: Ha Qiongwen

Year: 1961

Publisher: Shanghai People's Fine Art Publishing House

Size (mm): 515x770

Condition: very good, folded as issued

Formal diplomatic ties between Cuba and China were formed in 1960 following the Cuban Revolution. Mao understood the significance of a socialist revolution so close to the United States, with state organs in China celebrating this political change in the world communist movement. Although Sino-Cuban relations gradually worsened in the shadow of the deteriorating Sino-Soviet situation, many posters were produced in the 1960s declaring China's solidarity with Cuba - and other communist nations, liberation movements and disenfranchised communities throughout the world - with particular attention paid to the struggles of these countries and peoples against the imperialist aggression of the US.

The banners held by the crowd in the background read 'Support Cuba' and 'Oppose American imperialism'.