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image of original 1955 Chinese propaganda poster Political Economy textbook

Political Economy textbook

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Artist: unknown

Year: ca.1955

Publisher: People's Publishing House

Size (mm): 540x775

Condition: very good, folded as issued, creases, small tear to top-left margin

The figure holds a Chinese copy of a textbook on political economy originally published by the Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the mid-1950s.

Text in black underneath the poster's title reads:

'Marxist political economy is an extremely important part of Marxist-Leninist theory, and a powerful ideological weapon for the working class and all working mankind to strive for liberation from capitalist oppression. It is of paramount importance to the working class and its vanguard communist party who are fighting against capitalism and fighting for the victory of communism. It armed the working class and the working masses with knowledge of the laws of social and economic development, so that they could see the future and be sure of the ultimate victory of communism, scientifically foresee the process of economic development and use economic laws to fight for communism. This textbook was written by many famous Soviet economic scientists through long-term preparation and collective cooperation. It introduces the scientific basis of Marxist political economy and provides the most basic knowledge for the in-depth study of Marxist-Leninist classics in the future. It is not only a must for young students, but also for the working cadres of our party and the country who are building socialism.'