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image of 1968 Chinese propaganda poster Morning Sun Pictorial
image of 1968 Chinese propaganda poster Morning Sun Pictorial

Morning Sun Pictorial

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Artist: Shanxi Revolutionary Rebellion Corps

Year: 1968

Publisher: Shanxi No.20 Printing Factory

Size (mm): 780x545

Condition: excellent

The title of this pictorial sheet, Jin Zhaohui, comes from a line of Mao's poetry. This sheet is the Dazhai special edition, no.6, from 10 February 1968. The subject, in red characters on white background at top-right reads:

Hong taiyang zhaoliang le Dazhai qianjin de daolu (The red sun lights up the advancing road of Dazhai).

The 'Learn from Dazhai in Agriculture Campaign' was instituted by Mao in 1964 and concerned the Dazhai production brigade. Held as a national model in agricultural production, Dazhai comprised around 80 peasant households in Xiyang County, Shanxi. Situated on poor farming land and providing low crop yields, the settlement formed a People's Commune and were led by party branch secretary Chen Yonggui in clearing land and building drought and flood-resistant terraced fields. The changes reportedly resulted in stable high-yield production that was held as a model of self-reliance in agriculture.

Verso is a picture-story of the development of Dazhai.