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image of early 1970s Chinese propaganda poster Everyone is responsible for protecting surveying marks

Everyone is responsible for protecting survey markers

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Artist: unknown

Year: n.d, early 1970s

Publisher: Jiangxi Province Surveying Administration

Size (mm): 770x525

Condition: very good, creasing and tears to margins

Text in red at top reads: Beizhan, beihuang, weirenmin (Be prepared against war and natural disasters, serve the people).

The slogan 'Be prepared against war and natural disasters, serve the people' was widely used during the 1960s and 1970s. Worsening Sino-Soviet relations, the perceived threat by the United States and various border conflicts led Mao to the mindset that while continuing its plans for national development, China must also be prepared in every way for the possibility of war or natural disaster. This would mean local authorities making their own preparations, without recourse to aid from other provinces or the central government. This poster, produced by the surveying authority in Jiangxi Province, is indicating the importance of survey benchmarks to national security.

The box of text in yellow is titled ‘Order of the State Council on long-term protection of survey markers', and describes seven points detailing various surveying methods and rules to be followed. Issued by Prime Minister Zhou Enlai in December 1955.

The picture strip text at bottom-centre states 'Class enemies who destroy survey markers should be punished according to the law'.