image of the original vintage 1973 Chinese communist propaganda poster titled Build the dreams of the revolution on the needs of the revolution published by Jilin People's Publishing House

Build the dreams of the revolution on the needs of the revolution

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Artist: Changchun Number 1 Motor Car Factory Workers' Fine Art Creative Group

Year: 1973

Publisher: Jilin People's Publishing House

Size (mm): 534x740

Condition: Very good, folded, some creasing

image of model worker Chen DaishanThe top slogan on the poster reads xiang Chen Daishan tongzhi nei yang (be like comrade Chen Daishan). Reportedly Chen was an assembly worker from a Changchun motor vehicle factory, who on Christmas day of 1971 was working hard to ensure production targets. A fire broke out in a painting workshop and Chen rushed to help extinguish the flames. He received 85 percent burns and later died. This poster has been produced by the creative group from the same factory Chen worked in, no doubt to honour his sacrifice. These creative groups or collectives often included at least one professional artist who would go through several drafts of the design, allowing other members to make suggestions at each stage. He or she would then incorporate the new recommendations before painting the final piece.
The laodong mofan (model worker) was an ordinary worker who exemplified the traits of the ideal socialist worker, and was held as an example to be emulated. Hard work, patriotism and self-sacrifice were some of the attributes necessary to earning this status. Model workers would in return often receive privileges not granted to ordinary people, in addition to the adulation of peers. (image source)