image of Chinese poster Thoroughly develop the 'Five Stresses, Four Points of Beauty, and Three Loves' movement

Thoroughly develop the 'five stresses, four points of beauty, and three loves' movement

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Artist: Yan Shizhong

Year: 1983

Publisher: Shandong People's Publishing House

Size (mm): 530x768

Condition: very good, repair on rear to large tear in top-right corner

In 1981 several organisations jointly issued the 'Proposal for unfolding activities to foster socialist decorum'. This included the 'five stresses' - decorum, manners, hygiene, discipline, and morals; and 'four points of beauty' - beautification of the mind, language, behaviour, and environment. In 1983, a commentary in the People's Daily asked for these stresses to be incorporated with the 'three loves' - of the motherland, socialism and the Chinese Communuist Party. A committee was subsequently established in Beijing with CCP Politburo member Wan Li as director.