image of original 1966 Chinese propaganda poster The glorious model, the great beginning

The glorious model, the great beginning

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Artist: Central Film Distribution and Screening Company

Year: 1966

Publisher: unknown

Size (mm): 530x725

Condition: very good, some creasing, small tear to margins

Text beneath the poster title reads: Mao Zhuxi di ba ci jianyue wenhuageming dajun (Chairman Mao's eighth inspection of the Cultural Revolution army).

Text top left: Zui gao zhishi: Nimen yao guanxin guojia dashi, yao ba wuchanjiejiwenhuadageming jinxing daodi (Highest directive: Concern oneself with affairs of state, carry out the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution to the end).

Poster promoting a 1966 documentary of Mao's eighth inspection of the Red Guards during the early Cultural Revolution. On 18 August 1966 Mao for the first time inspected over a million Red Guards, teachers and students in Tiananmen Square. After a speech by Lin Biao calling for the downfall of 'capitalist roaders' in positions of power within the party, Mao met with several Red Guards, including Song Binbin of the high school affiliated to Beijing Normal University, who famously placed a red armband on Mao's sleeve. 

The event kick-started the mobilisation of the Red Guard movement throughout the country, and led to what became known as Red August - a series of killings in Beijing, often of intellectuals, teachers, political leaders and anyone considered to be a member of the 'Five Black Categories' (landlords, rich peasants, counterrevolutionaries, bad elements and rightists).

The documentary and poster reference the eighth time Chairman Mao received the Red Guards, on 25 and 26 October 1966. View the documentary here: