image of the 1967 Chinese poster Man's whole world is mutable, seas become mulberry fields

Man's whole world is mutable, seas become mulberry fields

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Artist: Zheng Shengtian, Zhou Ruiwen, Xu Junxuan

Year: 1967

Publisher: Zhejiang Worker Peasant Soldier Fine Art University

Size: 508x763

Condition: very good, creasing, light fold to bottom right

Poster subtitle: Mao Zhuxi shicha Huabei, Zhongnan he Huadong diqu de wuchanjieji wenhuadageming xingshi (Chairman Mao inspects the progress of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China's Northern, South-Central and Eastern regions)

The poster's title comes from a line of Mao Zedong's poetry from 1949. In 1968 a student from the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts took the painting to a reception in Beijing with Jiang Qing, Yao Wenyuan and Chen Boda where, although reproductions of the painting had been well received by the public, Jiang Qing apparently criticised it, taking particular issue with the reproduction of Mao's chin. Only years later, after the Cultural Revolution had ended, did the artists come to realise that the likely reason for this was the fact that the scene depicted Mao on his inspection tour, where he had criticised the ultraleftist behaviour of Jiang Qing's clique that later became known as The Gang of Four.