image of original 1968 Chinese propaganda poster Long live the victory of Chairman Mao's revolutionary line!

Long live the victory of Chairman Mao's revolutionary line!

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Artist: National Art Circle Red Revolution Rebellion Liaison Station

Year: n.d, ca.1968

Publisher: Hebei People's Fine Art Publishing House

Size (mm): 765x530

Condition: very good, creases to margins, pinholes

The figure holds a copy of The Selected Works of Mao Zedong, wears a Red Guard armband, and carries a bag with the words 'revolution to the end'.

During the Cultural Revolution, Chairman Mao's revolutionary line and the proletarian revolutionary line stood in opposition to the so-called bourgeois reactionary line, or 'taking the capitalist road'. The aim of the Mao's proletarian revolutionary line was to mobilise the masses to defeat the authorities taking the capitalist road, in contrast to the bourgeois reactionary line whose purpose was to suppress the masses and protect the old order of the exploiting classes. In a 1966 speech, Lin Biao compared the essence of this struggle between the two lines: 'One must carry out the socialist revolution to the end, the other must preserve the old capitalist order, one must reform, and the other must protect.'