Let's all eat sweet potato

Let's all eat sweet potato

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Artist: Sha Gengsi

Year: 1958

Publisher: People's Fine Art Publishing House; Henan People's Fine Art Publishing House

Size (mm): 530x765

Condition: fair, heavily creased, tears repaired on rear, no losses, may suit backing

Text in black under poster title reads Ganshu shi ge bao; yingyang jiazhi gao; chifa hao duo yang; yangyang weidao hao (Sweet potato is a treasure; high in nutritional value; lots of ways of cooking; every way tastes good).

The dish examples at bottom, left to right, are wotou (steamed bun), sigao (steamed corn cake), jiaozi (dumplings), laobing (pancake), mahua (fried dough twist).

Food shortages in the country at the time due to the Great Leap Forward are likely behind the promotion of this kind of foodstuff.