image of ca.1968 Chinese propaganda poster Defy death to defend red political authority

Defy death to defend red political authority

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Artist: Chengdu Workers' Revolutionary Rebellion Group

Year: n.d. ca.1968

Publisher: Chengdu Industry Fine Art Design Company Fine Art Printing House

Size (mm): 530x385

Condition: Good, fold marks, creases, small tears to margins, pin holes

Central banner behind the figures reads Sichuan sheng geming weiyuanhui (Sichuan Province Revolutionary Committee).

The placard held by the figure reads Zui gao zhishi: Geming weiyuanhui hao (The highest directive: Revolutionary Committees are good).

Revolutionary Committees were established during the first phase of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, with the intention of overthrowing the old authorities and seizing power from alleged 'capitalist-roaders'. Following the so-called January Revolution of 1967 in Shanghai, a new institution - the Shanghai People's Commune - was established. Renamed as the Shanghai Revolutionary Committee on the advice of Mao, its inception kick-started the founding of Revolutionary Committees throughout the country. By late September 1968, committees had been established in all 29 provinces and the cities of Beijing and Shanghai. Sichuan Revolutionary Committee was founded on 31 May 1968.