image of 1959 Chinese poster A close friendship

A close friendship

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Artist: Li Mubai

Year: 1959

Publisher: Shanghai People's Fine Art Publishing House

Size (mm): 528x770

Condition: good, repairs to top and bottom margins, repaired loss to top-left corner 

Text at bottom:

on 25 June 1955, under the command of the people's leader President Ho Chi Minh, the delegation of the government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam arrives, on the invitation of our country, in Beijing by private plane . On disembarking the airplane, President Ho immediately warmly embraces Chairman Mao Zedong who has come to welcome him. Immediately, earth-shaking cheers of 'Long Live President Ho!' ripple out like sea waves. In the midst of the the cheering, two Young Pioneers rush over to President Ho, their arms brimming with fresh flowers. During this visit by the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the stability and development of the friendship of the Vietnamese and Chinese people will certainly be advanced. This kind of friendship will without doubt make new contributions to the cause of peace in the Far East and the world.