image of the original vintage 1977 Chinese communist propaganda poster by Wang Yiding titled Chairman Hua waves his hand, we go forward to victory published by Zhejiang People's Publishing House

Chairman Hua waves his hand, we go forward to victory

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Artist: Wang Yiding

Year: 1977

Publisher: Zhejiang People's Publishing House

Size (mm): 530x760

Condition: Excellent, creasing to margins, some staining to lower margin

After death of Mao Zedong in 1976 Hua Guofeng was appointed as Mao's handpicked successor and chairman of the Communist Party of China. Known for his loyalty to Mao and dedication to the Maoist line, Hua remained in power for only a short period of time. Having implemented some moderate reform and reversal of the policies of the Cultural Revolution, in 1978 he was ousted from power by a group led by Deng Xiaoping.

image of Chairman Mao and Chairman HuaMany posters appeared around this time depicting Chairman Hua, often striking very similar poses to Mao in previous posters, in an attempt to shore up his credibility and lend legitimacy to his leading the country. It was rumoured that Hua had even grown his hair longer to appear more like Mao.