image of the original vintage 1965 Chinese communist propaganda poster titled Follow the revolutionary road, bravely march forward

Follow the revolutionary road, bravely march forward

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Artist: Gao Zhemin

Year: 1965

Publisher: Shanghai People's Fine Art Publishing House

Size (mm): 600x807

Condition: Very good, heavy creasing to margins, small tears to margins, discolouration to margins

The main principles of women's liberation in the participation of the revolution had been set out by the Chinese Communist Party long before 1949, and by the 1950s had shifted to expect women to enter the same arenas of production and labour as men - along with Mao's famous quote about women holding up half the sky. By the Cultural Revolution, paying particular concern to a woman's position in society was considered as a bourgeois concern. Women began to change their appearance to present as more gender-neutral with shorter hairstyles and baggier clothing.

This poster, released shortly before the beginning of the Cultural Revolution still shows signs of its subjects displaying femininity - wearing coloured and patterned blouses, while the soldier, farmer, nurse and student are all cheerfully driven along their revolutionary road by a female tractor-driver.

This is a sample printing plate, produced before the poster went into production with no publishing information provided on the margin.